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Frankel Reichman and Rizzo LLP is a forensic accounting firm with an exclusive tax practice. In forensic accounting we follow the money to uncover the evidence you need for litigation, arbitration, or a business valuation.

While we work in all areas of civil law, attorneys come to us for our expertise in family law forensic accounting. In family law, we show how much income each party really makes for purposes of support and we help divide the marital assets (including a family business). If your spouse says they want their half, you probably want to know “half of what?” We figure that out for you – and whether they get half or not!

Forensic Accounting

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Your civil litigation matter deserves analyses developed and designed in an efficient and defensible manner that will withstand professional scrutiny from the opposing side, the court, or other finders of fact in legal proceedings. Frankel Reichman & Rizzo LLP is a full-service forensic accounting practice known for succinct, insightful, and thorough analysis that is understandable to these critical audiences. We serve as expert witnesses at trial, but we also excel in helping you resolve your matters in settlement and mediation, ensuring you avoid lengthy and costly litigation. Contact FRR to discuss your matter and brainstorm possible approaches for you to win your day in or out of court.

In civil matters, we help you trace funds, investigate for fraud, and value your business. In business or probate disputes, we help you determine how funds have been spent in order to allow for an analysis of misappropriation of funds to resolve the matter. Frankel Reichman & Rizzo also provides high-quality and well-supported business valuations. Business valuations are valuable to business owners for estate and gift tax planning, succession planning, shareholder disputes, and mergers and/or acquisitions.


In family law litigation and mediation, you are navigating a new, turbulent, and frustrating period in your life. We help ease that anxiety by helping you understand your new financial reality. Whether it is what type of partner or spousal support you can expect to either receive or pay (and whether it is taxable), child support, or asset division, we ensure you receive your fair share.

When your marriage started, so did the creation of communal assets. We will divide the communal assets, trace your separate property to ensure you keep it, and value your family business. If you have a family residence, we have knowledge to assist you in equitable division.

After your divorce is complete, new situations may arise. We’ll still be there for you. If you are paying support and experienced a decrease in income, we can help you with a post-dissolution support modification. And, if you suspect your ex-spouse or partner has experienced an increase in income, we can help ensure your children receive the support they need – and deserve.


Tax Services

Our tax services include personalized attention with detailed review.

Income Tax Preparation

IRS and State Audit Representation

Tax Planning

A call to our office can help you plan for this year and the years that follow. To get you started before our first conversation, you can use the IRS withholding calculator. We fill in the gaps the IRS does not - deductions, exemptions, and the structure of your personal and business finances.